How to Participate in The Nezha Testnet Launch

How to Participate in The Nezha Testnet Launch

Jul 25, 2022

5 min read

How to Participate in The Nezha Testnet Launch

Hello Nezharians! 

In this article, we’re going to be revealing the upcoming Nezha Testnet launch, exploring how you can get involved, and revealing a special sneak-peek at some of the engagement campaigns and prizes up for grabs for those who participate!

What is the Nezha Testnet? 

The Nezha testnet launch is the first opportunity for our community to use and explore our gamified yield aggregation protocol! The testnet will include most of the functionality you can expect in our mainnet launch, except it won’t be using real funds. 

As this is the first opportunity for our community to interact with the interfaces of the Nezha Draw, and familiarize themselves with how it will work, those participating in our testnet will be at an advantage for participating as soon as our mainnet launches! 

We will be gathering feedback from testnet users after the event is finished, and we want your valuable feedback on how intuitive our UX & UI is, your experience in participating in the Nezha Draw, and anything else you believe could be improved. We’re also looking for feedback on those features which you particularly enjoyed, as we look to make the Nezha Draw as playable as possible! 

For those who participated in the Nezha Draw testnet, you won’t just be rewarded with early access. We’re also planning an action-packed testnet period where we’re giving away Solana NFTs, cash prizes, and official Nezha merchandise – only available to those who participate!

Nezha Draw – Our First Testnet Game 

The Nezha draw is gamifying yield aggregation by combining prediction events with yield farming. Nezha players can earn game tickets from staking $USDC to the protocol (test $USDC while we’re in our testnet phase), which entails 6 numbers each. Yield is aggregated over the game cycle with our yield partners over the span of a week.

On the last day of the cycle, six random numbers are generated in a live draw event. There’s a chance every single week to win the jackpot, which is at least $100,000 USDC! The minimum staking requirements start at just $25 USDC, but you can stake all the way up to any amount of your choice for increasing chances to win!

You don’t need to forfeit your initial liquidity during the game if you don’t win, only the yield that has been generated on it. After each game cycle, you have the option to unstake your initial liquidity and your winnings, or to continue to leave your $USDC staked for another chance to win!

How can you get involved? A summary of the process to participate

To participate in our testnet launch, you’ll need to follow the few simple steps below. Make sure you read the steps carefully, because we’re also making some unique NFTs available for lucky winners who participate in our testnet launch! 

Remember, many of these steps will help you set up for our mainnet launch, so by participating in our testnet you also get a headstart for when we go live! 

Step 1: Create a Testnet Solana Wallet 

Users will need a Solana Testnet wallet to participate in the Nezha Draw. We recommend using Phantom Wallet (Chrome, Firefox), a Web 3.0 wallet that can interface with the Solana network and the Nezha Draw. Please note – Only Solana wallets will be supported. $USDC ERC-20 or any other token type will NOT be supported. Find our full guides on how to set up your Solana wallet here.

Step 2: Submit an application to receive Nezha Testnet $USDC 

To interact with the Nezha protocol on the testnet, you will need to have our unique Testnet faucet $USDC in your wallet. This isn’t real $USDC, so it has no monetary value and it cannot be traded, but it can be used just like real $USDC would for the purposes of our testnet! You can apply for test $USDC by joining our Discord and using this form.

Step 3: Test faucet $USDC and raffle! 

Once you’ve applied above with an official Solana wallet address, users will be airdropped test faucet $USDC tokens, and automatically enrolled to a raffle to win exclusive NFTs for our testnet participants! You don’t have to do any extra steps to join the raffle, simply fill out the form linked above.

You will need additional testnet Solana tokens to pay for transactional fees, you can get these for free here. Simply input your wallet address and hit send.

Once your test tokens arrive, you’re ready to use the Nezha testnet. 

Step 4: Go to the Nezha Testnet landing page! 

Head to our Testnet, you’ll be prompted to connect your wallet, or you can manually connect your Solana wallet by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’. Here, you can ‘spend’ and stake your test $USDC just like using the Nezha mainnet! 

Step 5: Provide Feedback 

Once you’ve had a chance to use the testnet, you will be asked to participate in a short feedback survey. We’re also eager to hear about any bugs you may have encountered during the course of the testnet. Only users who complete the feedback survey will be eligible to receive rewards!

Step 6: Join our socials! 

Finally, join our community! If you’re not already a Nezharian, join our social channels below. You can also reach out to us with your testnet questions on Discord, Telegram and Twitter as well as email.

About Nezha: is a revolution in prediction markets. Nezha is the liquidity engine for prediction markets where the participants do not wager their principal investment, but rather the yield generated on the pooled principal of all participants. Learn more at: